Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Enoch Letters: Zion and the Lord's work

I just read The Enoch Letters by Neal A. Maxwell. It is a unique piece of fiction coming from a General Authority (I think it was written when he was assistant to the twelve), and a really interesting study of how the commandments and doctrines must be applied in order to prepare Zion for the Savior's presence. Very important for our dispensation especially. Here is one of many quotes I liked; this one focuses on a few points that I have pondered on quite a bit in the last years and tried to incorporate better into my daily life:

The Lord's work is work, but it is sweet labor. It is work usually done step by step in the process of time. Small daily duties well done have led to a big difference... for it is by small means that the Lord can bring about great things. There is no easy way to rush righteousness. it is as if our very neighbor is all mankind, and thus we can see how much there is yet to do in the combining of our time and talents before we can truly be said to love our neighbors as ourselves.

-p. 29