Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unspeakable and full of Glory

Helaman 5 retells the remarkable conversion of a few hundred Lamanites and Nephite dissenters. They had imprisoned Nephi and Lehi, and gone back to the prison to finish them off. As they set about to do so, the prophet-missionaries were encircled about by fire and given power over their captors, who were enveloped in darkness which would not disperse until they prayed in the name of the Savior. It is an amazing story, but my new favorite part is how they described what they felt when the darkness dispersed and they were encircled in the fire that had surrounded Nephi and Lehi:

...yea, they were encircled about; yea, they were as if in the midst of a flaming fire... and they were filled with the joy which is unspeakable and filled with glory."   Helaman 5:44

I love that description of the Spirit! It so encapsulates for me many moments when I have been filled with and taught by the Spirit. It is indescribable, but this is probably one of the better descriptions I have read. So quiet, and yet so glorious!

I remember a lot of moments like this in my Institute classes when a confusion was resolved or a doubt addressed as I studied. Lately they come in the simple moments with my kids when I am filled with love and gratitude and testimony that this is my purpose and the fulness of my creation. They have come snuggling my little guy and singing "I Am A Child of God" together, or watching my 3-year-old jump happily on his bed. They have come watching my husband help me with projects around the house or prepare for his Church callings or play with the kids. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they don't come when I am worrying or running around like a crazed woman; they come when I stop to contemplate the light around me and cry to the Savior in humility and thanks, when I cease to marvel and doubt (v. 49) and instead contemplate the light and allow myself to be filled with charity.

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