Friday, October 11, 2013

The Book of Revelation

I am starting on the Book of Revelation, and going through my old institute handouts I came across this talk by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. It makes the book sound much more exciting than I have experienced it in the past!

A favorite excerpt:

In the answer to these queries we find the real genius of John’s apocalyptic writing. Gospel truths are and should be variously worded, variously described, and variously adorned with literary attraction—all to the end that they will appeal, in one form or another, to every heart that can be touched. The book of Revelation takes an approach to the plan of salvation that is found nowhere else in all of our inspired writings. The language and imagery is so chosen as to appeal to the maturing gospel scholar, to those who already love the Lord and have some knowledge of his goodness and grace.

I like that it points out that there is no scripture given that we aren't expected to study, understand, and from which we cannot profit. That is why they are given! It seems to me that the scriptures that are the most difficult for us to understand (i.e. Revelation, Isaiah) are the ones that the Lord tells us specifically to study for our day.

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