Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"A Large Family of Small Children"

I am starting to understand where this sister is coming from...

Today as I headed into the doctor's office, a woman was waiting for me to get my boys out of my car so she could get into hers. The usual ensued: "Three boys! Wow! You must be busy! . . . Oh, and you're having another! Do you know what it is? . . . Another boy! Wow. . ."

That wow is too often accompanied by a look of pity, because obviously we only had more children on the off chance that we might get a girl instead of another boy, and now we had failed and were stuck with four boys. I wish I had the time and words to explain, "No, this is awesome! We are so excited and blessed to have four boys! Our life is great, even if it's crazy, and even if it's not anything like yours." I don't know exactly how many children we will have or when we will have them; The Lord doesn't tend to give me information about life decisions until they need to be made. But I feel with this one I have already crossed the threshold into what the world considers that land of "crazy" people who have too many kids. I hope I can be a really happy crazy person that teaches many children to be good, loving, Christlike people.

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  1. I know how you feel, I had 4 girls in a row and we were thrilled, it was so fun. When I got pregnant with #5 everyone assumed we were trying for a boy. Really we were just having a another child, and we were happy. I did get a boy with #5 and then everyone assumed we would stop.. Fooled them. we went for #6 and got another girl. I think the Lords plan was perfect for us, we have delighted in our 5 girls and one boy