Monday, August 8, 2011

Cleaning and Filling.

Love these old journal entries! Things I had forgotten that I had learned...

John & I went to the temple to proxy in initiatories... It is remarkable how much I always learn despite the fact that you hear the same thing repeatedly. There is a pattern that always seems to be prevalent on the Gospel--that of cleaning out and filling up. We are constantly being cleansed the purified, that we may be filled. Baptism cleans us, then we are filled with the Holy Ghost. In the sacrament again we are reminded that we are cleansed, then we covenant to remember the Savior so that we may be filled and have the Spirit's companionship. The same occurs in the temple ordinances.

This pattern, it seems, should inform my daily efforts. I should constantly strive to clean out the mundane, the things unworthy of my time and contemplation, and fill myself with the Spirit and the things of the Lord.

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