Monday, August 29, 2011

"The Word of Widtsoe"

I've been reading the biography of John A. Widtsoe for much too long (i.e. not very consistently), and I've been going over and over my current chapter on the Word of Wisdom, mostly because I am always trying to improve our family diet, but also have a serious love of ice cream and baked goods.

A few good quotes:

"Too many of our members feel that if they refrain from taking liquor, tobacco, tea and coffee, they are keeping the Word of Wisdom. They are doing so only in part. If the law be understood and lived, people would not be ill and the blessings promised may be fulfilled. Only so may they 'run and not be weary, walk and not faint.'"
-Parrish, Alan K., John A. Widtsoe, a Biography, 418.

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is designed to give man health and happiness. Health is concerned with the spirit and mind as well as with the body of man. The Gospel is mistakenly supposed to concern only a man's spiritual heath. Mental and physical health forms the only assurance of spiritual progress. A a man who is physically or mentally ill is not truly happy, though he may approach spiritual peace. The three parts of man's nature are interrelated and depend upon one another's welfare."  -419

"December's lesson, 'A Merry Christmas,' concentrated on the trend to turn Christmas into a pagan holiday through eating excesses: 'Where plenty abounds, it is a continuous orgy of feasting and stuffing, munching and chewing sweets and pastries, with all sorts of harmful drinks, until the body sickens because of its abuse.' To those who celebrate as true believers, 'Christmas should be a sacrament and should be celebrated as such. ... Not a time of gloom, nor of disgusting bodily indulgence, but a season of joy and gladness, of gratitude for life and a determination to share the best one has with those who may be most in need."  -424 (from lesson by Leah Widtsoe)

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