Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The armour of love

"[T]he truth of the restored gospel is becoming understood in the world. . . . If persecution from without is diminishing, contention within is fanned into livelier flame. Of the two methods of destruction--persecution by untruth or discord among those who have accepted truth--the latter is deadlier. . . . Persecution from without is gradually vanishing. . . . But, at the same time, the danger of jealousy, strife and evil speaking among the members of the Church increases. . . . There must be an honest endeavor to love our brethren and sisters as well as the Lord in heaven--the first law of Gospel living. Love begets love. Whenever Latter-day Saints live in love together, their armour and their shield, all their weapons are of heavenly workmanship."

-John A. Widtsoe, CR October 1933

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