Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women and the Priesthood: thoughts lately.

A friend of mine posted a link recently to a group of LDS feminists. It seems that a lot of similar groups are popping up on the internet--people who are displeased with a particular aspect of LDS doctrine or culture, and then focus in on it incessantly. I find myself in an interesting position; I understand a lot of the points, and have even thought about and struggled with some of them. I don't agree, but I have a hard time conveying how I feel about it in an articulate and effective manner.

So when I came across this post this evening, I was grateful. The author hits the nail on the head for me; the world can't understand that the patriarchal order is not inherently unequal because it doesn't understand the nature of the priesthood (or of womanhood, for that matter). Read for yourself:


I know there are plenty of people who disagree (that seems to be all I come across lately). But it is refreshing for me to read a coherent explanation of the priesthood, which is meant to exalt women (and men), not debase them.

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