Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Follow-Up on D&C 4

A story of how Joseph Smith, Sr. applied the instructions he was given:

Joseph Smith, Sr., was filled with the testimony of the truth, and was always anxious to share it with others. He was almost sixty when he made the tedious journey back to [Stockholm--Potsdam] New York to carry the gospel to his father and mother, his sisters and brothers. Soon after his return he was imprisoned for a small debt of fourteen dollars, rather than deny the divinity of the Book of Mormon and be forgiven the debt! He was cast into a cell with a condemned murderer and left for four days without food. Later he was transferred to a prison workyard where he preached the gospel and converted two persons whom he later baptized. He was in prison a full month before his family was able to obtain his release!

E. Cecil McGavin, The Family of Joseph Smith [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1963], p. 68.

All of us who desire to serve the Lord have the same calling to the work of the gathering. How true will we be to it?

p.s. My posts may have a different flavor for a while; I found two huge binders of handouts from a beloved Institute director. I can't hang on to them forever, so I am studying with them as an aid and recording the things I want to save here, in my journals, and in my scriptures. I think they may be an enjoyable departure from my normal ramblings, and also help me to be more consistent in recording my studies. Time will tell!

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