Sunday, July 22, 2012

Harold B. Lee on the ministration of angels

When we begin to understand that, beyond sight, as Brigham Young said, is the spirit world right here round about us. If our spiritual eyes could be open we could see others visiting with us, directing us. And if we will learn not to be so sophisticated that w rule out that possibility of impressions from those who are beyond sight, then we too may have a dream that may direct us as a revelation."

-Harold B. Lee, "Divine Revelation," Brigham Young University Speeches of the Year [Provo, 15 Oct. 1952, pp. 10-11].

A couple of points for pondering:

1. As long as I have known this doctrine, I don't remember it very often. My mission president counselled me that when I was most in tune with the Spirit that I would probably feel my dad's influence helping and guiding me, among others of the promised angels that would be on my right hand and on my left. I did find that to be true, and there really isn't any reason that this shouldn't be true in my ongoing life, but I tend to forget that I have that wonderful support system beyond the seen world.

2. I thought it was interesting that in Guatemala it seemed a lot more common for people to have extraordinary experiences with dreams and spirits and such, and I did have the impression that part of the reason this was so was simply that they believed in such things. It is so true that our "modern" society has become too "sophisticated" for things of the Spirit, and the more direct the experience, the more it is deemed unbelievable.

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