Thursday, December 20, 2012

And incredible time to be a young woman.

I love this quote from this interview with Elaine S. Dalton, General Young Womens President:

This is an incredible time to be a young woman and a member of the Church. The young women have been preparing for this time. They are virtuous. They are worthy to receive and use their own limited-use temple recommend, they are taking the names of their ancestors to the temple, and they continue to participate in camp, Personal Progress, and class presidencies. The opportunity to serve a mission will be one more way that a young woman can spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, become an articulate advocate for the family, and assist in hastening the Lord’s work on the earth. It is indeed an honor to serve these precious daughters of God at this time. It is humbling. Heavenly Father loves and trusts His precious daughters, and now, as never before, is the time to flood the earth with their virtue, their strong spirits, and their light. They are worthy and prepared to serve the Lord. They are incredible. And they are changing the world.

It is an incredible time to be a young woman. I love that she points out how the young women have been preparing for this time, when they are so desperately needed. I am excited that more women will have the opportunity to serve missions. I am excited that this will increase the likelihood of my sons marrying return missionaries, as those women will have had some wonderful training in becoming, as Sister Dalton says, "articulate advocates" for the Gospel and the family. In this world, my children and their children will need that strength.

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