Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Latter-day Saint Dating"

I found this handout in with all of my old institute stuff that I have been slowly cleaning out. It doesn't have any source or reference information, but it was kind of funny to skim through.

Latter-day Saint Dating

  1. Go where you can meet people in a wholesome atmosphere.
  2. Help others get acquainted. Set people up. Where appropriate, be a matchmaker.
  3. Date people who honor the Covenant.
  4. Date with the spirit of inspiration and revelation.
  5. Don't kiss someone on Saturday and act like you never met them on Sunday.
  6. Do original and fun dates rather than just go to the movies.
  7. Realize that the amount of money spent doesn't make for a good date.
  8. Dress modestly.
  9. Double and triple date--include others.
  10. Don't share your past worldliness.
  11. Don't be a faultfinder.
  12. Stay morally clean.
  13. After you quit dating, don't share confidences shared in dating.
  14. Don't gossip.
  15. Help people who are nervous to feel comfortable.
  16. Don't look only on the outward appearance.
  17. Don't judge others motives and feelings.
  18. Be interested in others--their life, their interests, their hobbies, their family, etc.
  19. Take the spirit with you. Three is never a crowd. Pray when appropriate.
  20. Have the courage to be tactful and yet honest.
  21. Study the gospel together.
  22. If you know you are going to break it off--get it over with.
  23. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
  24. Be careful with the words, "I Love You."
  25. Have a reasonable curfew.
  26. Make the restored church an integral part of your dating.
  27. Other people's goals and standards should be sustained and not put down.
  28. Don't use people for status purposes.
  29. Don't "throw in the towel" at the first obstacle.
  30. Work and study together.
  31. Courtesy is a great lubricant in relationships.
  32. See only worthy movies.
  33. Be friends first.
  34. Spend more time talking. Lower the stereo while driving.
  35. Don't play games.
  36. Don't dance to degrading music.
  37. Be interested in your date's family. Share your family.
  38. Be sensitive to other people's hearts.
  39. Eliminate some role stereotypes.
  40. Introduce your date to others. Help others get acquainted.
  41. Have personal prayer before and after dates.
  42. Don't show affection to people you don't intend to date.
  43. Acknowledge that marriage is a high priority to you and to the Lord.
  44. Be an example of a believer.
  45. Improve yourself rather than looking for perfection in others.
  46. Don't disregard the teachings of the General Authorities and Prophets.

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